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All we know about the mysterious Quantum Paper project

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Google is making a serious effort to unify app design. Android Police reports that a new design guideline known as Quantum Paper will attempt to make a consistent paradigm for visual, motion and interaction across all platforms, i.e. web, Android and IOS. This new framework will be a huge step forward, encouraging beautiful design creation in apps that will work across all form factors.

We’ve already seen some of the changes making their way into Google+. The last G+ update was the genesis of Quantum with much more to come in the ongoing Google updates of their own apps. Other Google projects that have been leading up to Quantum are Project Hera (the unification of Chrome and Search on Android) and the Polymer Project (a toolkit for designing responsive websites using predefined yet customizable building blocks), demoed at last year’s 2013 Google I/O.

But, Quantum Paper is greater and more far-reaching in its scope. The intention seems to be to standardize, beautify and certainly de-fragmatize (is that a word?) all future Google apps. Fragmentation has been one of the great criticisms of Google for a very long time. Hopefully, Quantum will be a large step towards ending those complaints.

When will we see the results of this grand plan? In Android Police’s words, “According to the information available to us, the public will first (officially) see and hear about the Quantum framework for Android when Android's L release debuts. This is planned to be "the first instance of Quantum on Android," and will be open for third-party developers to use.” It seems that the public should not expect anything official on version “L” until the next major release of Android. But, I expect that developers will be getting more and more information about it as time elapses.

All I can say is, if Google can make Quantum Paper work, it will be welcomed. Go to it Google and make us proud!!!

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